UK Return to Practice courses for professionals returning to work following a career break.

Career Refresh for Medicine – return to practice for doctors

Come Back Programme – return to practice course for nurses

GP induction and refresher scheme – return to practice for GPs

Get into teaching – return to practice for teachers, with a package of support for maths, physics and language teachers

Return to Practice Course Midwifery – return to practice for midwives

Return to Practice Course Pharmacy – return to practice for pharmacists

Return to Social Work Programme – return to practice course for social workers


‘Attitudes of coachees, line-managers and HR leaders toward maternity coaching.’

Kathy Cotter - 2018- coaching today 

As an employer investing in maternity coaching, it is important that you understand how that investment is valued by key stakeholders. A small study involving line managers, HR leaders and employees sheds light on how maternity coaching is experienced and perceived. 

‘Bringing talent back to the workforce: How to make returner programmes work for your organisation.’

Kathy Cotter - 2018- Executive Coaching Consultancy

Increasingly employers are investing in developing and implementing Returner programmes to attract and retain top talent. This research involved over 200 participants of whom roughly 50% were aspiring to return to work and 50% had returned to work following a career break. Findings highlight what helps and what hinders individuals returning to work following a career break. 

In transition: the benefits of maternity coaching.’

Kathy Cotter - 2015 - Coaching today

Maternity Coaching offers a supportive bridge for women as they transition to working parenthood. Research, featured in the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy's ‘Coaching Today’ publication, explores how maternity coaching supports women through the lens of three highly experienced maternity coachings. 

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