Employer parental transition support

As an employer, you will understand just how difficult it can be to successfully manage individuals through the parental transition. Engaging and retaining talent for the long term is one of the greatest challenges organisations face. 

We offer a range of services to support your employees and line managers in successfully managing this significant transition.

Maternity Coaching

Group and one-to-one support for employees prior to, during, and after their return from maternity leave and shared parental leave.

Paternity Coaching

Group and one-to-support for employees prior to, during and after their return from paternity leave and shared parental leave.

Managing Employee Transition

Group and one-to-one support for line managers as they seek to ensure a smooth transition for their employee and team during this often challenging

Returner Programmes

Bespoke development and implementation of returner programmes for employers actively looking to attract and retain talent.

Parents returning to work support

Returning to work after a career break, or even a shorter period following maternity leave can present a range of challenges to individuals. Having a structured and supportive framework to enable a smooth transition can help ensure you enjoy and thrive as a working parent.

Returner Workshop

This workshop is aimed at individuals considering a return to work The focus of the workshop will be around three key areas:

  • Mapping your return strategy & preparing the groundwork including exploring options around flexible working; the timing of your return; building your confidence, and networking.
  • Managing roles, responsibilities and relationships at home as you transition from stay at home parent to working parent; impact on self and other family members.
  • Self-care strategies - thriving as a working parent.

One-to-One coaching for Parents

This workshop is a good option if you are seeking to explore some big questions at depth, including the following:

  • Whether or not to take a career break.
  • How to plan for a career break and future return.
  • Having been on a career break : What are my return options? What do I need to do
    to prepare myself? How can I regain my confidence? What do my family and I need
    to do in order to prepare for my return?

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